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    I have 4 questions related to

    1. Can I have 1 x column on the landing page or does the theme force me to have 2 or 3 columns? My main aim is to remove the 2 videos in column 1 and 3, so it looks similar to the ‘ABOUT’ page.

    2. Is there a way to have a static hero slider (i.e. 1 x static image) and for the up/down arrows on the top right to disappear?

    3. When clicking on a menu item, the page scrolls to varying positions depending on what menu you go to. Is there a way for the hero slider to stay static at the top of the page, so the user manually scrolls down the page?

    4. When the page loads, the lower content loads first causing a ‘flashing’ affect on each page. Is there anyway to fix this?

    Thanks for your help.


    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    You can create a single column home page widget area using some custom CSS. I’ve provided a CSS snippet below to get you started. You may want to remove the videos from the Home Column 1 and Home Column 3 widget areas since they will not be showing.

    .home #col-1,
    .home #col-3 {
      display: none;
    .home #col-2 {
      max-width: 940px;
      width: 100%;

    It looks like you have the Hero Slider setup correctly. The up and down arrows can be hidden with CSS, too. Below is a snippet to do that.

    .hero-direction-nav {
      display: none;

    The automatic page scroll happens for all pages except the home page. There currently isn’t a way to prevent this. The idea was, however, when a user loads a new page, they are would want to view the content. In this case, the page scrolls to the content area to avoid having to scroll past the header image on each page. This may be something we can consider updating in the future, though it hasn’t been brought up as an issue by many others.

    When I load pages, I don’t see a flashing effect. There may appear to be a flashing effect if you have a lower bandwidth speed. What browser are you using?

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