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    how can i fix the duration of the main (header) link bar drop down, it lags alot, when i switch between tabs it has a awkward delay where it just lingers too long and shows a ghost trail of other menu’s. it makes navigating hard.

    2.also while were on the subject is there a way to edit stile sheet css to create a slight shadow from drop downs?

    The blog I need help with is



    Happy to help!

    Something strange happened when I replied to you last night, so let us try this again.

    1. We created the menu dropdown to work like that. What is your desired look?

    2. You can edit the styles by purchasing the Custom Design upgrade that offers here: After you make the purchase, we could help you further.


    (Yes we are business class so i should have access to these features)

    When you scroll over header links, between each menu’s there is a lag where the last one stays up when you scroll the curser to the next. this is confusing because it looks like mutable menus are overlapping. this would be okay if there was a drop shadow (not really but might look less like a glitch) what i would like to do is have no lag or ghost (delay etc.) when im thumbing over links.

    also a drop shadow would be nice; because the color of the theme dictates the color of the drop down menu, so when you have the #featured banner scrolling it looks like a dig out thu the banner to the underlying background color. i get this is a minimalist aesthetic; but for navigation purposes its confusing for some people.

    Please help walk me Thu this, Thank You



    What color would you like the drop shadow to be?


    an extremely faint grey, the lag is something i am more concerned with. Thank You



    We have put this in our feature enhancement list for a future version.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

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