Kiore Moana: "Randomize Header Images" function not working

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    Hello, please help! I loved having the ability to randomize multiple header images on my site. Had 5 different images. But when I when I tried to add a sixth today the option to randomize the images simply disappeared and now I can only select one. I really liked this feature. I have a screen grab of the header menu without the option, but no way to post it here. I appreciate all help with this issue!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    do you mean the small “logo” image in Kiore Moana, since the theme does not support a big header image like in other themes?

    Of so, you should be able to change your logo image and also randomize the images on page loads. Do you still see all your uploaded images under Appearance / Header? And do you have the option “Randomize” active?

    If you give me some further details I’m sure I can help you solve the problem fast.

    Best, Ellen

    Original poster

    Thank you for responding, Ellen! I’m not sure if I can answer your questions clearly, but I’ll try. Yes, I mean the “logo” image. No, I don’t still see all my images under appearance / header. If I go to “add new” they’re still in the “choose image” box, but when I choose a new one it replaces the other one, rather than adding to it.

    I still have the option to “randomize 1 suggested headers” but when I click on it, I can only have the “hello” logo. When I try to add more, I’m back to where I started with only one image.

    There was a second “randomize headers” check box, wasn’t there? I thought I remembered using that to make my five images randomize, but now I don’t even see that option. I can’t imagine what I did to make it disappear, but maybe I clicked on something I oughtn’t?

    Thanks in advance for your help! Oh, also, is the “X” in the middle of the template, above the footer, a design element? Or am I supposed to do something with that? See, not a technology whiz.

    Thank you, Alexandra

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    Hi Alexandra,

    okay, I’m not quite sure, where the problem is,so it would be the easiest solution I think, if you could send/upload (e.g. via Dropbox) me a screenshot of your current admin panel under Appearance/Header. This way I will see where the problem is exactly.

    Thanks a lot!
    Best, Ellen

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