Isca: Sidebar not appearing on blog page. Categories not appearing

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    I am using Isca. Right now I have a static homepage with a sidebar. When I choose ‘Blog’ to be my homepage instead, I lose the sidebar? The sidebar appears when you click on individual posts but not on the blog page where a paragraph from each blog is featured.
    Ideally, I’d like to have as my home page the blog page that shows a paragraph of each blog with the sidebar, but I don’t think this is possible. Is it possible to have a single blog post plus sidebar as homepage? Hope that’s clear.
    Also only the categories from my first post are showing up at the top of the page. The categories from my second post aren’t and I’m not sure why.

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi – that’s correct. The sidebar is not available for the homepage – and is only available on the blog pages, and blog posts.

    The homepage can only be the list of blog posts (without sidebar) or a static page (with sidebar).

    When designing the theme we tried adding a sidebar to the homepage but it squashed everything up too much making it uncomfortable to read.

    I’m not sure what you mean regarding the categories. Could you give me some more info/ examples please?

    BTW – I really like the colour and font choices you’ve made. They make the site look really original and give it a proper personality.


    Right now I only have two posts. The category for the first post is listed at the very top, with several sub categories. But I added new main categories to my second post and they didn’t appear at the top and I don’t know why.
    Is it possible to lose this feature – the categories at the very top of the page. My readers say it’s confusing.


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    Hi – do you still want help with this? I notice you have changed theme so not sure if I should respond to this or not?


    I haven’t changed my theme for good as far as I know – I was playing around with it but as far as I know it’s still Isca. I’d still like help. Thanks!


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    Ok cool – in that case can you switch back please? I’m not seeing any issues with my install of Isca – and unless I can see your problem I can’t work out how to fix it.


    Hi, as far as I know I haven’t switched. I open it up and it’s the Isca theme so you should be able to see it. I don’t know what’s wrong if you can’t. Basically, I have a top category ‘Maybe No Baby’ and a few drop downs under that, but they are linked to my first blog post. I put main categories on my second blog post hoping I’d have another main link at the top there but it hasn’t appeared and I’m not sure why.
    Is there a way to get rid of this category feature at the top altogether. My readers find it confusing?. Thanks


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    Hmm – something strange is happening then. I am going to ask the team to have a look and see if they can work out why the theme isn’t displaying for me.

    In the meantime I would suggest you look at the appearance > menus section of the admin. In there you can specify what menu items appear – and through this you should be able to control the top navigation.


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    Ok – I now see the problem with why I couldn’t see the site. I was looking at the FromFortyWithLove one – and totally missed the link the second time I looked :)

    By default the top navigation is controlled by the categories. The categories need to have posts in them to display – so if there’s a parent category on the categories you’ve selected (and it has no children) then some of the categories may not display.

    The solution is either to post some content in the parent category – or to use the custom menu system as I mentioned earlier.

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