Is it possible to remove borders from sidebar slideshow and images?!

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    Hey there,
    I am completely new to all this blog/widget stuff and I love the layout of Standard but am hoping I can make the borders less thick around the slideshow/ images etc in the sidebar. Especially the slideshow as it has the black border then the white border. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong (highly likely) as I really have no idea what I’m doing!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there! Do you have a post that has an example of this so I can take a look?



    Thanks so much for responding!
    I haven’t posted anything yet – still setting up the sidebar and I don’t like the way the slide looks (the one called Rescues) the image is too small and looks lost within the black border surrounded by the white border. Is there a way of having a slide with bigger images in the sidebar.

    And can the white borders around the other stuff in the side bar be less thick (and perhaps change colour?)

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Nikki



    Customizing the style of any of the widgets requires having the Custom Design activated. Do you have that option?


    ok. Moving on…
    From the demo, I thought I would just be able to post a quote as an individual post. I didn’t expect there to be a comments and reply box every time! How can I remove them?!!
    And which is the widget that shows you recent/popular/comments/tags in one box?
    Sorry for the questions but I did say I know nothing about all this!



    You can post a quote using the Quote Post Format. You will need to turn off comments for those posts yourself if you don’t want people to comment on them. If you don’t currently see the option for comments, then open up screen options and select Comments. You should then be able to turn them on or off.

    The widget in the demo with the recent/popular/comments/tags is the Activity Tabs widget. Just add that to your sidebar and voila!


    Thanks :) I got the activity widget but I went to screen options and comments and couldn’t see anything to turn them, or the Leave a Reply off!
    I just want it to look like it is in the demo, where the comments only come up if you click on the ‘leave a comment’ within the post.

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