Is it possible to rearrange/disable arrows beneath portfolio pages?

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    Hello again,

    I’ve got a question regarding arrows appearing under any portfolio page:

    can they be either disabled or the links towards which they are pointing, to be rearranged?

    Right now, when I select an object from the menu (quite alot of portfolio pages there), the arrows work the same way they work under a blog page, ie chronologically.
    The perfect solution would be to disable them (without disabling them for blog section…). If that is not possible can they be rearranged so the arrows would skip towards proper selected portfolio page – that is in an order that would be different than chronological?
    The reason for this is simple. The page is bilingual, and when I add portfolio page I add it in both languages, so there is no possibility for me to keep such portfolio posts chronological – resulting in pages in english showing arrow to pages in polish and vice versa.


    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi Michal,

    Can you try this css to hide those navs?

    .type-jetpack-portfolio #nav-below { display: none; }



    Hallo Chandra,

    copy-and-pasted it into css. So right no it looks like:

    Welcome to Custom CSS!

    To learn how this works, see

    .type-jetpack-portfolio #nav-below {
    display: none;

    Doesn’t seem to be working though



    Ok I got it. Should be:

    .single-jetpack-portfolio #nav-below { display: none; }

    Solved. Thank you!


    Theme Author

    Awesome ! :)

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