iPad: Poor Video Quality In Landscape Mode

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    Hey there, I finally launched my web portfolio using the paid version of the Debut theme.

    My question is, when viewing videos on an iPad, in landscape mode, the video quality takes a substantial hit. The videos look wonderful in normal horizontal position, but rotating the iPad into landscape mode the video instantly looks low res and just plain crappy.

    Am I overlooking something? I exported and uploaded all of my videos to youtube using Avid’s high res DNX145 setting.

    Also, and I mention this here only because the thread about it is “locked”, is there still NO WAY to get rid of the “Word Press” and “Customized Version of Debut” text in the footer? You can do away with it in other “premium” themes. For $75 bucks, we really should be able to hide what seems like blatant advertising for the Debut theme…. considering we’re paid for it. It’s just a huge turn off, in fact if I knew there was no way to get rid of it, I would have purchased a different template.


    The blog I need help with is: readysteadyedit.com


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    The theme does not control the quality of the videos. The theme does use a popular script to resize the video to fit it’s parent container, but does not have anything to do with video quality.

    How does the video look when you load the them into landscape mode initially, without rotating?

    Often times, Google will display the best video quality depending upon the size of the video and the bandwidth. Devices such as phones and tablets tend to not have the best bandwidth signal, especially when not connected to a good wifi. It could be that when rotating the iPad, the video becomes larger, and YouTube is adjusting the video quality to ensure the video keeps playing. Otherwise, if it were to stay in HD, the video may stop while YouTube buffers the stream.

    All WordPress.com sites are required to maintain the credit links, even the VIP bloggers, as outlined in the FAQ’s section of the Custom Design upgrade.


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