Internet Explorer display problems

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    My blog is displaying correctly via firefox, ipad and phone. However when viewed from Internet Explorer version 11, it is incorrect.
    The top posts are cut off, the header is too wide and the widgets are displaying below the posts rather than beside.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem and can you please help?
    thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi Lauren – sorry to hear the theme isn’t working properly.

    Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing please?

    I’ve tried testing your site in Internet Explorer 11 and it seems to be working fine for me so I am not sure what the problem might be.

    Do you have any browser plugins/ extensions installed?

    Has the text size been changed?

    Do you have a virus scanner, sometimes they can stop things from loading?

    Unfortunately, without being able to see the problem, I am not sure if I can help :(

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