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    I am new to WordPress and am using the Duet theme. The post I am currently writing spills into a second column, which is what I want. However, I would like to know how to (1.) have the second column start from a given point/paragraph of my choice; and (2.) have a dropped cap as per the very start of the article/post.

    Ultimately, I would like each column to look like separate articles, laid out side by side.

    Many thanks in advance for your help…


    Hi there!

    1. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to specify where the column breaks. These breaks are calculated based on the length of the entire content.
    2. You can, however, add a Drop Cap to any arbitrary letter in your post. Check out the theme doc for Duet and scroll down to “Manual drop cap” for instructions on how to add this.


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    Thanks a lot for this. Much appreciated.

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