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    Hi Ellen! Sorry, new to all this. Did something silly and now can’t get the info button to re-appear. At the same time, the title for my static page won’t appear, whereas it did before. I much appreciate you’re help. Hariod Brawn.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Ellen! Update: I just checked the box ‘WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically’ and the info button now appears. However, when I’m not logged in and click the button it says ‘Page not found’. When I’m logged in it works fine. The title for my static page still does not appear. All my posts and pages are originally MS Word files. Please help! Many thanks – Hariod Brawn.



    Hi Ellen! And now. 4 hours later, the button has gone away again. I did absolutely nothing – except go the shops! So I guess it can’t be me . . . Regards – Hariod Brawn.


    Theme Author

    Hi Hariod,

    no worries at all, I will try to help you asap. I just checked your blog, but the Kiore Moana theme is not active any more. Do you still need support or did you decide on another theme.

    Please let me know, if you want to switch back to Kiore Moana and I’m sure I can find a solution to make the theme including the info button work for you.

    All the Best, Ellen

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