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    In the theme preview, the image is much taller than the 1920×500 suggestion. I would like to have an image that is 1920×780 or so, maybe even 1920×1000 but every time I try to upload it, it is automatically cropped to the 1920×500 default–even when I click to skip cripping.

    I personally prefer the larger/taller header image and am asking how I can edit it so the header image height is customizable?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can use a larger image for the hero area without any problem. The theme automatically makes it fits the area. We do not crop the image. Probably you haven’t added any content for the hero area. Since the content decides how much space it will need, then it tells the image to adapt to fit the area. So, please just try to add some content to the front page to see if the image is larger. Even with empty paragraphs, it will work.


    I didn’t do that because of where it puts the text…I need the text to be in a certain spot–not in the center of the image. Is there a way to move it?


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    It’s best to edit the image with an image editor like Photoshop (or you can use an online editor like Canva) and add the text directly in the image.

    Then in the content of the front page, simply add empty paragraphs, they won’t show but are necessary for spacing.

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