include paragraph/line breaks on 2 column home page?

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    We really like your theme, it’s our new standard for multiple legal blogs.

    One small issue we’re running into is that we want to include multiple authors as a byline in the post content area, and when the post is shown on the 2 or 3 column home page, the paragraph breaks get removed and the text just runs together.

    Is there any way to control this, by hiding that byline paragraph from the homepage or forcing those paragraph breaks to appear on the homepage? In the rendered home page, the post content gets all combined into one <p> and I don’t see a way to select it directly. I’ve tried adding <spans> and other tags to try to grab it, but no such luck.

    Thanks very much.

    post page

    home page

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    On your post edit screen, you can define an excerpt for each post. ( This excerpt will be shown in place of the auto-generated excerpt that is currently shown on each post of the homepage. You’ll need to add an excerpt to each post, but it would allow you to use the multiple author byline and not have it show up on the homepage.


    Hold the phone! I didn’t try the excerpt since I expected it would be the same.

    The excerpt does pass along paragraph/line breaks, and code, so I can select and control it.

    post with byline in excerpt

    Sorry for bothering with a basic WP question and thanks for the tip!


    Theme Author

    No problem at all, happy to help!

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