In Mobile, disable possibility to Pinch in out zoom

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    is there a way to disable, in mobile, the possibility that the visitor have to “pinch in-out zoom” the page-article?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Disabling pinch in-out zoom on mobile it’s not recommended. However, you can still achieve that, but I’m afraid that only by performing some custom work.

    May I ask why do you want to do that? Maybe we can find alternatives to what you’re planning to do.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.



    Thanks for your reply Alin and congratulations to the Patch team, it´s a brilliant wp theme.

    I think that in my mobile magazine site, the pinch in-out, has few sense. Why anyone would want to zoom in the text or images of articles? I´d seen different newspapers and magazine that don´t allow pinch in-out in mobile, so I thought: may be disable it in my place?

    Anyway, it´s not a crucial point. I certainly can live with the pinch in-out, and certainly, if it needs more than CSS, then no problem to forget the idea and keep pinch in-out in mobile On :)

    Thanks again!




    I’m sorry for missing your reply, totally my bad.

    Unfortunately, disabling pinch in-out on mobile view requires more than custom CSS. We can think about your proposal for a future theme update, though. :)

    Kind regards,

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