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    I installed a plug-in to allow me to add a post carousel to my blog. The Patch theme is highlighting the images in the carousel and covering them almost entirely. How do I change this?

    The plug-in I am using is: “Post Slider and Carousel with Widget – A Responsive Post Slider”

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Now I have fixed the image problem, but please advise me on how to change the text color in the title of the posts in the carousel.

  • Hey! 🙂

    You did a nice job with the Patch theme. Congrats! 👏

    The CSS below should do the trick:

    /* Posts Title Color On Homepage Slider */
    h2 a:not([class*="wp-block"]):not(.img-link) {
       color: black !important;

    Add this Custom CSS code in My Site → Design → Customize → Additional CSS.


  • Hey, I didn’t get any reply back, so I guess I can mark this as resolved.

    Stay safe!


  • Alin – sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I added your code and it didn’t seem to change anything.

    Using inspect element i found a line coloring “wp-block” with “color: #ffde00;” it seems that when I take that line out it fixes the problem. That said, I have tried to change the code via wordpress and can’t seem to access it.

    If you have another solution I would be very appreciative.

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