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    Will Gather show the featured image only with excerpted text below and then when clicked on the viewer will see the whole post without a repeat of the featured image leading off the entire post?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi. In the archive view (home page / category), you’ll see a thumbnail of the featured image. Underneath, you can choose to display full content or the excerpt (option is available in the Customizer).

    If you select full content, you can also the “More” tag to limit the amount of text that displays in the archive view:

    In the single post view a larger featured image will appear and your full text will be underneath.

    Let me know if that answers your question.

    Original poster

    Thank you…this is clear. One more question.
    Can I change the color (green on the sample) of the headings without affecting anything else?

    Theme Author

    You’d need to use custom CSS for that.

    The color palettes allow you to switch the primary color, but it updates the menu background, button background, and all links (including those header links).

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