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    Hi, i dont know how to set the image size in the home page. Reading your notes, they said that we can set double tiled size to feature some content...i dont know how to do it.
    Or if the images load from original size and the way to align or control them, is cutting all images before upload them.

    And other doubt is how to set the title text size, in my case…it is set to small.

    many thanks

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    The images sizes maintain the aspect ration of the original image. No cropping takes place. So for an image to take up two space vertically, your original image needs to be twice as tall as the other images.

    Which title are you referring to?

    Original poster

    Thanks for explanation.

    I´m talking about Top title
    “Diseño de Experiencias
    Creatividad + Tecnologías en generación de contenidos”

    In my case, appers to be an smaller font . (please guide me, i´m newbie on wordpress)

    and other thing, i notice that the logo is badly compressed when you click at the slide menu ( I just reduce the size to avoid it)


    I cropped my featured images prior to uploading such that the vertical images are twice the height of the horizontal images, but they are still displaying in a horizontal grid format. WordPress support told me to post here for help? Here is a link to my page if it helps:

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    If you are wanting to replicate the demo home page, you should enter your text in the content editor of your home page. This is what we have in the demo:

    <h1 class="demo-home-h1">KEEP IT SIMPLE</h1>
    <p class="demo-p">Mellow is a minimal portfolio WordPress theme that will make your work look incredible.</p>

    For the projects that you want to appear taller, open them up to edit. Then in the tag field enter featured. Then goto Appearance → Customize → Featured Content, and enter featured in the Tag name field.


    Got it, thank you!

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