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    Hi! i have one question…

    Can I change the image size? we think there are too big when they appear when you enter in the section pages, we just want to only make it a little bit smaller. For example if you enter in one of the services to read the description, the image appears in a big size, that is the one that we want to make it smaller.

    Can I do that with CSS? can you help me with that?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there!

    If you’re looking to reduce the size of the images on the single post page or the regular pages you can try the following CSS:

    @media screen and (min-width: 1023px){
        .single .attachment-featured-post-thumb, .page:not(article) .attachment-featured-post-thumb {
            width: 45%;

    The default is 50%, so play around with the numbers, see if this helps. And with the above snippet, only screens which are 1023px or larger will be affected.

    Hope that helps!

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