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    I love the Perle theme. My only issue is the images from my previous theme are too large for this one. I do not have the business account to download the regenerate image plugin.

    How can I resize my images to fit this theme without them looking distorted?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there,

    My understanding is that when you switch themes on the images automatically resize according to the theme’s specs. No need for the plugin.

    But I want to be sure I am giving you the right info, so I’ve asked one of the folks from to confirm this.

    Stay tuned!



    Hi both!

    @nudgedesign is right that the images will be automatically resized according to the new theme’s code when you make a switch. The regenerate thumbnails plugin isn’t needed.

    If you make the switch and notice some images that are distorted, let us know and we can take a look into what’s happening. :)

    You can contact us directly via our form here or reply back to this thread.


    Thank you for your responses. The images did not resize to theme’s transition. I’m going to switch my current theme to Perle so that you can see what I mean.


    Okay, I have activated this theme. The pics have not been resized to fit the theme as they are, in a couple cases, cut in half.

    Thanks for taking a look to see how this can be rectified.



    Hi @juliablues,

    To clarify: Images will be resized according to the theme’s code. For the Perle theme, it’s right that featured images should take up 50% of the available width on pages.

    The resizing of your images should not result in them appearing distorted, however, they may be cropped to fit the theme’s design. This isn’t something that the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin would resolve.

    We generally recommend using featured images that are more decorative and abstract, so that they can handle some form of cropping.

    You could also attempt to upload images that are closer to the theme’s recommended size for featured images (735 wide by 865 high) to minimise cropping.

    Let me know if that explanation helps or if you have any further questions.

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