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    Why is the text in an image post appearing to the right of the picture instead of underneath.

    (the one from twitter a few minutes ago)

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Image, Video, and Gallery posts showcase the media to the left or right of the content. If the page has a sidebar showing (Single Post Pages), the media will be displayed above the content.

    With a bit of custom CSS, you could make the image display above the post title and content; requires Custom Design upgrade. Otherwise, you could try setting the post to Standard and adding the image to the top of the content area.


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    Dear Luke,

    I don’t want a sidebar on my single post pages. Because the post itself is then becoming to narrow.

    What exactly should I buy to get the picture above a post on a single post page with no sidebar. And is that for “dummy’s” or do I have to understand how it works.


    Theme Author

    To customize the themes styles using CSS, you’d need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade. After your purchase, you can try adding the following CSS to get the image above the content.

    .single .format-image .entry-header,
    .single .format-image .entry-content {
        clear: both;

    That said, there are a few caveats to customizing the CSS:

    • The image may not span the entire width of the content.
    • You can make the image span the entire width using CSS, however, the quality of the image will be likely be reduced (pixelated).
    • The image, if Portrait in layout, may push the content a good distance down the page, making the reader scroll past the image to read the text.

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