Image post – not sure why it does not fill the image box

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    I have uploaded an image that is 1200 width x 800 height but for the life of me, I cannot understand why it does not fill the whole box in width when I put the post format = image.
    Example post:

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    Hey there, Cristen!

    I have a hunch it’s the aspect ratio of your photo that’s causing this problem. No worries; just try resizing your photo instead to 1140 x 700.

    That should do the trick 😀

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    Thanks for trying to help me out. In this documentation it says at least 1140 x 700. Mine is 1200 x 800 and for other photos if I have made my images 1200 width it resizes and fits to the box. I will try the resize to 1140 originally and see if that helps. When I ‘inspect’ the code on other photos that go the full width and height of the box it has resizes the width to 1140 and then in brackets has natural (1200 x original height). But with this picture it resizes it to 1050 from 1200 width rather than 1140. I am thinking it may be the aspect ratio I set on my camera to start with as my Nikon 5500 doesn’t have 16:9 aspect ratio but my Ricoh GRDIV does. I may have to fix the aspect ration in post but not sure if this is it either.

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    Got it, Cristen. I think you’re spot-on saying it’s an aspect ratio issue.

    Any pixel dimensions that fit within that ratio should work. So you could also try, 1200 x 737.

    Let us know how you go!

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