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    I would like a reasonable way of changing the images and their order for the homepage slideshow carousel.
    It seems like the only way is creating a new page which is way too complicated. Is it so?
    I don´t mind renaming the first upladed images so the order changes but if I want to add more photos seems silly to have to create a new page.
    I love this theme but I need to change the images and/or their order in an efective way so I will try for a refund on the theme purchase if “creating a new page” or “renaming the files for the order” are the only answers.

    The blog I need help with is




    If you upload new images to the pages it should add these to your slideshow. The template is setup so that the most recently uploaded picture shows first, so as long as you’re uploading the images in the order you want them to show then they should display this way. Otherwise I’m afraid there isn’t another way of adjusting the way the images are ordered in the slideshow page template.

    The alternative would be to use the featured post slider with a category and only having one image per post, or to use the WordPress slideshow instead of the slideshow page template.




    I would really like to use the beautiful theme slideshow.
    I just can´t seem to find were to upload images to the page? I can see in the setup help you mention the “uploaded to page” dropdown menu… but nothing similar appears for me on the “add gallery” section.
    Is the theme going to get any updates to help with this soon? I would really love to keep this one but this is a turn off.




    You can use the ‘Add Media’ button as shown in the screenshot here to add new images to the page.

    Thank you!



    I can see the Add Media button. The problem is there isn´t any dropdown menu to choose “uploaded to page”.

    Do you guys update the theme? how frecuenlty?




    There is no option to view which images have been uploaded to the page I’m afraid. In the past we considered an update to make managing the slideshow more user friendly, however because such an update would affect all users it would cause more problems for users who already have this in place. The theme is updated whenever a bug is found and is constantly monitored for such, however given that each update affects all the current theme users we need to be careful in how we go about this.

    Hopefully this clarifies the details on the update process for you.

    Thank you,


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