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    Hi – I’m having some issues adding images to my posts.
    At first I got a duplicate image, so I followed forum advice and removed the image from the post and set it as a feature. That got rid of the duplicate, but then the image appeared at the top of the post obscuring the date box, etc.

    I saw in another forum that the feature image has to be long and skinny, so using the feature image won’t really work for me.

    I’d like to be able to add images to my posts that show up in the preview, below the top / date box area.

    Will I need the custom upgrade to take care of it? If I get the custom upgrade added onto can I manipulate the code to get the image to appear ONLY in my post? And if so, can you get me started on what to look for in terms of finding and changing the right code?

    Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    No, you cannot dit theme code on

    That is only available if you use the self-hosted version of WordPress at


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