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    I have posted images that right and left align. The margins were pretty off, so I changed that in the CSS. However, I’m still not able to get images to wrap properly. Look at the big white space below the first paragraph at this post:

    Further down the page there is an image I’ve left aligned, but the text doesn’t wrap well (at all actually) there either.

    The blog I need help with is



    Just to be clear, I’m thinking that this is a bug within the theme. The image wrapping is off. Try inserting any image within text and the text may not wrap (for larger images) or it may wrap partially (for images that go beyond the bottom of a paragraph). I have done some css changes, but with all css customization removed, the problem still persists. Images appear to wrap fine with the text on the woothemes version of this theme:

    I don’t see any pages with images and text wrapping on the demo version of the theme:


    Hey there,

    Thank you for your question. I’d be happy to help.

    We do have this documentation from regarding image alignment:

    The reason you see the big gap is because you are starting a new paragraph.

    This is default behavior as the new paragraph will start on it’s own line no matter what the image does in the previous text.

    Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do regarding this.

    I would click the “text” editor tab instead of visual editor to make sure everything is in it’s own paragraph if it should be. It’s possible WordPress’ auto p has added unnecessary p tags causing the line break.

    Hope this helps, cheers!

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