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    Ahhh a featured image is now showing on the slider :) THANK YOU

    Appearance –> Theme Options” the only thing I can set here is
    * Template Options: the Slideshow Title and then
    * Social Options: media links.
    and that’s it. Nowhere that I see anything about changing the word “Home”…




    My apologies — the title of the static page you set (via Settings –> Reading) becomes the title on the home page. To change ‘Home’ you would thus need to re-name the page selected as the home page.



    That would change the link title as well and that is not what I want.
    I only want to get rid of the word HOME in the middle of the home page; it is disturbing.
    When I look at the Demo site there is a home page without the word HOME on the page!
    How did you do that? :)



    The title of the page being featured is ‘I’m A Professional Dude’, just as the title of the page you are featuring is ‘Home’. If you want to hide the title altogether, you could do so with the following CSS (assuming you have access to the ‘Custom Design’ or ‘Custom CSS’ premium features):

    .home .headline {
        display: none;

    Otherwise, the title of the home page is the title of the page being featured, and there’s no way to separate it from the ‘link title’.



    YESSS! that code did it :)
    Thank you dude :)
    Greetz, Mary

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