IDEA: PORTFOLIO by Theme Foundry: Polaroid-style, blend into body colour

  • Hi guys,

    My current Beautiful portfolio has two polaroid-style images, created in Picasa. These are set at an angle and have drop shadows to make them ‘float’.

    Normally, on any other website, these polaroids would simply float and blend into the normal white-ish webpage body colour. In the Portfolio theme, I notice there is a grey background directly behind the polaroid image. For me, this kinda spoils the look!

    I hope you are able to somehow change the coding to remove that grey background. Thank you! (lovin’ the theme… <3 )

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there,

    The photos are lovely! But it looks like the images you’ve uploaded have a grey background:

    If you upload images with white backgrounds, you will be able to achieve the effect you desire.

  • Hi again Melissa,
    Thanks! I’ve had a closer look at them in Picasa. I do see the grey background; in fact, I thought that it was the program’s way of differentiating the ‘polaroid’ effect, so that one could see what it looks like. However, I have now seen that one can actually choose the colour of the background (I tended to not ‘see’ that colour palette), and have chosen the appropriate colour. Have replaced the images and they now look great! PS: I’m glad you like the pix…thanks! :)

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