I'd like to make a request please

  • Hi Avid team,

    I have been speaking to Melissa before, so I feel that she may be the best person for this post, as she knows my site.

    I’ve recently just started another blog, which is going to house all of my artwork, so I’ve recently purchased the Avid theme again :) I’ve therefore been customizing the layout, and there’s some things that I have noticed.

    So I’d really just like to make a request please, and I know that this is a big ask, but I thought I would go ahead and ask it anyway, as I feel this will improve the Avid theme, not just for my site, but for other users as well.

    I would like to request that a tab is added to the Customizer within WordPress, so that users can customize the ‘header, navigation, widget bar and footer’ colours. Currently the only way to do that is through custom CSS, but unfortunately the layout doesn’t quite accommodate it. That’s not because it’s wrong, it’s just because the layout’s been designed in a different way. This means that if you use a custom background, it is very difficult to get everything to display properly, but I feel that there is a way around this!

    If you head over to my new site http://cspmultimedia.wordpress.com hopefully you’ll see what I mean. I’ve used custom CSS and a garish colour, in order to help show this.

    Using this custom CSS – in tablet and mobile view, it nearly displays properly. All that I’m really asking to be changed is that the layout can be altered so that the block colour extends to the edges of the page (eg. the top for the header). The problem lies more within the desktop view (eg. look at how the footer displays).

    This new feature, would mean that Avid would be fully customizable for the user, as like I say, it currently does not fully support that. I would be more than happy to work with you, in order to implement this. But again, I do understand that this is a big ask from me; I just really feel it will take Avid to the next level in terms of customization.

    I hope this made sense (probably not lol), but please feel free to ask me for any more information. I really appreciate your time, and also many thanks all your previous help :)

    Kind regards

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi Christopher,

    Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestion! I don’t foresee us making these kinds of changes to Avid in the future, but I’ve noted your ideas. :)

    Meanwhile, if there are CSS tweaks we can help with, just let us know!

  • chrispageonline · Member ·

    Hi Melissa,

    That’s a shame, never mind. All the best! :)

    Kind regards

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