I want to delete the "Tags" Label in some of my posts

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    In some of my posts (like this one: https://meanjoe.net/2016/01/25/enough-already-on-pipelines-as-nation-building/) I was able to find a way to delete the word “Tags” from appearing automatically on the left side of the page under the “Posted” and “Category” headings.

    I’m trying to remember how to do this so I can delete from all my posts (like my most recent one: https://meanjoe.net/2016/10/02/its-what-you-do/).

    Unfortunately, I’m at a loss as to how to do it. Can someone please remind me?

    Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is: meanjoe.net


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    I’m not seeing anything changed from the front-end side of the theme to hide the tags. I don’t know what trick you used in the past. I would start by comparing the posts without tags to the ones with tags and see what’s different.

    Make sure you have no tags added to the post. Delete them if there are any and re-save the post. The code is written so that if no tags exist there should not be a tags section shown:

    <?php if( has_tag() ) { ?>
    	<div class="post-meta-item">
    		<div class="post-meta-title"><?php _e( 'Tags', 'creative' ); ?></div>
    		<?php the_tags( '' ); ?>
    <?php } ?>

    Based on that code, if no tags are assigned to a post the tags label should not be there. Is is possible this post is tagged as “featured” to show on your home page and you have the theme configured to “hide” this tag from showing in the tags list?


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    Thanks. This was helpful. I misunderstood how the tags and categories work. I think I got it now!

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