I want my site to look like the picture on the theme page

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    Hello, so far I’m enjoying your theme Romero, but I can’t get it to look like the one shown in the main picture (with the Bloodborn Gameplay Walkthrough picture/article). Can you show me how to set that up for the home page as well as the few other pages I have (Reviews, Articles, etc…). I’m a total newbie with wordpress but would be willing to insert CSS into the site if shown how. I can not download plugins as I only have a premium account.


    The blog I need help with is: quietegogaming.com


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    Hi Kevin – thanks for the message.

    The theme docs are here:

    Everything you can see in the theme demo can be done without plugins using the built in WordPress settings. No need for custom CSS or anything like that.

    I think the bit you still need to setup is the featured content. The featured content docs are here:

    Hopefully that points you in the right direction. If there’s anything else missing/ not clear let me know and I’ll help if I can :)



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    The theme docs page isn’t that helpful though. I followed all the 1 instruction for the “Featured Content” section and it didn’t do anything. My homepage is still just my latest blog entries. It doesn’t look bad, but it surely doesn’t look like the picture on the theme page.

    The second issue is that my “Reviews” and “Articles” can only show the latest posts using the “latest posts” block which doesn’t include the featured photo or anything. It’s just bland looking text.


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    If you’ve followed the instructions then I’m not sure what to suggest for the featured posts.

    The two things you need to do are:

    1. Decide a featured tag and add it to the text input in the customizer
    2. add the same tag you chose previously to the posts you want to be featured.

    Unfortunately I can’t access your site so I can’t see how you have things setup but if you contact the wordpress.com support team directly they should be able to help.

    For your second problem. It looks like you have added a custom page to list your posts, however there is a better way. When you create posts they automatically get added to various archive pages. What I would do is add the posts to relevant categories (reviews, and articles) and then the posts will be listed on the archive pages for those categories.

    I would then change the navigation to link to the categories I have setup and WordPress will take care of the rest for you. This is what I did on the demo site and I think it looks pretty good: https://romerodemo.wordpress.com/category/news/


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    How do I give you access to my site?
    That test site you linked is exactly what I’m looking for. It looks great.

    How do I set up archive pages? I have my reviews assigned to categories like you say, but how would I then make an archive page active?


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    I’m afraid I’m not allowed to log in to customers websites. I make themes but I don’t actually work for wordpress.com. If you contact wordpress.com support they will be able to help setup the featured content.

    However – I’ve just been looking through your site and it looks like you have added the review posts to a category called featured. For the featured content to work you need to give it a featured tag, not category.

    There’s info on tags here:

    If you add a featured tag to the posts then they should appear on the homepage.

    For the archives – they are setup automatically by WordPress. You don’t need to do anything.
    For example: https://quietegogaming.com/category/articles/

    When you edit your menu you will have the option to add categories to the menu, you don’t need to add the menu path manually.

    So what I would do if I were you is:

    1. Add your posts to relevant categories. Reviews in the reviews category, articles in the articles category etc.
    2. Add a featured tag to the posts you want to appear on the homepage
    3. Add the categories to the menu.

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