i can't seem to find the option to switch to a thumbnail view

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    i can’t seem to find the option to switch to a thumbnail view instead of the single post view that is displayed in the themes? I have clicked on the thumbnail square option and columns etc. but nothing happens?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hey Jamie!
    Sorry for the wait!
    There are three steps to creating a Portfolio page:

    1. Create a page and choose “Portfolio” under “Template” in the right hand sidebar. The title and content of this page won’t show up as it will be populated by your posts once you add them.
    2. Create a new post or choose an existing one and head to its edit page. Head to the bottom of the right sidebar, and select which portfolio(s) to which you’d like to publish the post.
    3. Choose an image using WordPress’ Featured Image uploader. This image will be the page’s thumbnail. If you don’t set a featured image, Studio will simply use the first image in your post.
    Your post titles will show up on each portfolio item when the user hovers over the image.

    Hope that helps!

    Original poster

    many thanks

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