I am not able to select a 'Features and Services Page' in WP Theme Options

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    I am just setting up the Business Identity Theme for my business website, but I cannot setup the Features and Services content on the front page as I cannot select a page from which to pull that content in (at least, that is how I understand this).

    When I try to set this via the WordPress Customizing -> Theme Options -> Front Page, the ‘Features and Services Page’ drop-down list just shows ‘– Select–‘ and when you click on it, there are no other options available.

    The page I have created to hold this content for this section is called ‘Packages and Services’ as I assumed you did not have to replicate the page names exactly, but I created a test page with a name of ‘Features and Services’ to see if you had to follow the exact names, but that page was not available to select either.

    Me equivalent ‘Features and Services’ page was created using the / a default template – let me know if I need to use a different template to get this all to work.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    S’ok, I worked this out. Whilst I was transitioning the website from a previous theme, I had set all the pages to ‘private’ – once I had set them to ‘public’, it sorted itself out.

    I’ll mark this as Resolved / Closed.

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