How to remove a Featured Image

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    I have the following problem, I contact WordPress yesterday and they told me to take contact with you as they can not help me.

    The problem :

    When I want to add a Featured Image, no problem, it works. But when I want to remove the Featured Image, so that only the Tittle of the Article appears, sometimes it works and sometimes the computer look for another image to display.
    I would like, for some articles, display an image and for others, no image, only the tittle with, as background, the colour chosen.
    Can you help me with that ? Thank you, best regards. Vincent

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi – if there’s no featured image then the theme uses any images you have attached to posts.

    As such – if you delete any images you have uploaded to the problem posts (they will need to be deleted through the media library) – then they will be removed from the homepage.

    If you want to include those images in blog posts then upload them through the media library and then insert them into the blog posts as normal.


    So, it is not possible to have images in the blog posts and no image at the homepage ? But it happens sometimes … Or I did not understand you answer


    Theme Author

    You can have images in your posts with no featured image – but this isn’t a straightforward thing to do. You need to upload the image through the media library and not when editing the blog post. If you upload the image when editing the blog post then it will likely be used as a thumbnail.

    Once the image is uploaded through the media library you can use it however you like.

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