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    As I look at your Arcade theme demo at I love it and am wanting to know – do you have instructions documented anywhere that you can share which explains how exactly to set up my site so it looks just like the demo site homepage at ?? The site im working on is : and thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    There are some instructions here:

    Is there something more specific you were interested in doing with your site?


    Yes, I saw and used the set up info. I did make it through most of my needs but I do have one question: my website tag line for some reason is pushed to the very bottom of the header area which you can see at in the header under the logo, this text “A new Home and Garden center in Mineral Point, WI” how do I make it centered vertically under the logo so it’s not so way far down but more in the middle of that header under the logo and more importantly can you please tell me why it’s doing that so I can understand too? Thanks



    I just checked out the site and the tagline looks good. Did you figure it out?


    Yes thank you. I found the info in a different forum thread.

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