How do you make a header photo static in the Collective Theme

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    How do we make this photo static with the height we want and yet not cutting off heads on any platform (PC, laptop, mobile, tablet)?

    The blog I need help with is:




    I’m assuming by ‘static’ you mean you don’t want the scroll over effect, so you would need to use this CSS for the changes you have in mind (note that you will need the ‘Custom Design‘ add-on).

    .home .featured-page-section {
        background-attachment: initial;
        height: 700px;

    Note that (1) this will affect only the home page; if you want it to affect all pages, then remove the string ‘.home’; and (2) this may have unintented consequences on the mobile layout, so you may need to add further styling to compensate. Of course, you’ll want to adjust the above as desired (particularly the height).


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