How do I change the intro of a post on frontpage?

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    Hi! I need some help. I have some posts on my site, as you can see on the frontpage. But… the intro of the posts as seen on the frontpage, just break in the middle of a sentence. How can I change that? Do I need to do something in the post itself? I would really like to have complete intro’s :)

    Thanks for helping me in advance!


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi Lianne,

    Thank you for using the Adaline theme.

    Yes, that text you refer to can be customized.

    The reason why it cuts off like that by default (after 30 words, to be exact) is because if it wasn’t cut off in some way, the entire blog post could appear there and the blog index layout wouldn’t look very good.

    However, 30 words is not going to be the ideal cut off point for each blog post, as you have discovered.

    Since the “ideal cut off point” will vary from post to post, WordPress’s “Excerpt” feature can be used customize the text on a per post basis. That is documented here:

    Please let me know how this goes or if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks!

    Best regards,

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