How do I change the hero slider to a static image of my logo?

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    Hi there, I am new at this but would like to change out the Hero slide
    to a static image of our logo on the website for the Soundcheck theme. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


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    To do this, you would need to have only one Post in the Category assigned to the Hero Slider area. This post would then have the static image with your logo set as the featured image.


    Hi Luke, thanks! I did this and now have 2 other problems. It has “Satellite Farm” in white letters on the top left. Is there any way to get rid of this and just have my logo? And then it puts my post in the carousel. This is my first time setting up a blog like this so thanks in advance for your help!


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    You can remove the logo with some Custom CSS. Here is a snippet to to do that.

    .site-info {
      display: none;

    To keep the post out of the Carousel, you can change the publish date to a date in far past (e.g. year 1950). You can also remove it from the category that is used for the image carousel, however, changing the date will help keep it out of your latest posts display too.

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