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    I recently bought the Linen theme for our site. I have a problem with the READ MORE link to each post – as we are a Swedish site we want all communication on it to be Swedish. I can however not find how to change the text of the “READ MORE”-link. I would much appreciate help in this matter. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    At the moment, 67% of Linen’s text strings (such as “Read more) have been translated into Swedish.

    Translations can only go live when they are at least 85% complete, so it would be great to get Linen over that threshold!

    If you’d like to contribute to making the translation more complete, you can start by filling in missing translations here in GlotPress, our translation tool:

    You can learn more here:

    Just let me know here when you’re done and I will ask our team to have the translations made live.

    Thanks in advance for helping make Linen’s Swedish translation more complete!



    I made some more translations on the link you sent. Regarding the “Read more”-link this was already correct translated. Please let me know if Linen still is not over the threshold.



    Thanks for adding some translations. Dutch is now at 83% as you can see here in the second column:

    Just a few more are needed before they can go live. Let me know if you’re able to add a couple more. You can check the link above to see if it’s reached 85%.


    Thans for your reply. However it is the Swedish translations i am refering to. There are now 40 waiting translations. I hope these will be sufficient to pass the threshold.

    Thank you.



    My apologies for the mixup! I’ll have our internationalization team take a look at the Swedish translations for Linen and see if we can make the translations live.



    A Swedish translation validator has validated all the translations and they should now be live. Thanks for your patience.


    Thanks! Problem solved.



    Hi! I would aslo like to have the Linen theme translated to Norwegian. I have filled out all the stranslations, but it is waiting for validation. Can I become a validator for Norwegian?



    Hi dogablogg – I don’t see any pending Norwegian translations for Linen – they would be showing in yellow, but everything I’m seeing is either green (validated) or white (not translated):

    As you can see, no translations are in the waiting (pending) status right now:

    Could you give me an example of a string that you translated? Thanks.

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