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    I love your theme but I am having a difficult time to make my homepage like your example with the squares. I am also having trouble with creating drop down menus. I’m sorry I am very new to this, Please help!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi there!

    In order for your homepage to function similar to the demo, you need to set a static homepage. The documentation that I linked to will walk you through this.

    Unfortunately, Collections does not support multiple level menus.


    I have the SAME question. I have the Home page set up as “static” BUT it only has a white text box which look nothing like the static home page of the demo. I want my HOME page to look EXACTLY like the demo Home page that has a colored box for each item (quotes, links, posts, video, audio, pictures, etc.) I have been trying for HOURS to get this to happen. What do I need to do?!?!

    Theme Author

    Sorry to hear you’ve hit some problems, nativeknowhow. Can you please share with us a link to your Avid website, so we can take a closer look at these issues?



    I just want the Home page to look like the demo home page. (I know I need to purchase upgrades to be able to load video and music. Before I add on that expense, I want to make sure my Home will look EXACTLY like the demo home.) Thanks for your help!!!



    In order for your “static” homepage to look like the demo, you need to choose the “Homepage” page template. More info in the theme documentation.


    OK… I seem to have it working a little better. Now for the next question…. Is there anyway to EDIT what text appears in the colored squares on the front page? I am using this for a Website versus a blog and I want the lime green square to read “Programs” instead of “Links”.


    Hi there!

    Unfortunately, the homepage squares pull data from the blog. For instance, the “Articles” square will display the excerpt from the first standard or aside post on your blog. I suppose you could add a fake post that has the text that you want.

    I will warn you that Collections is very blog-centric and was built with a blogger in mind.

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