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    on my homepage I created a new article but instead of creating a row with 3 articles it goes under the first article? any idea?

    The blog I need help with is gypsysoul.be.


    also the thumbnailed pictures are rectangles instead of squares? does this has to do with the orginal format? If possible I would like to have all the same size, in squares.


    pictures are all bigger then the required 735 px wide by 865


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    Hi there,

    Can you clarify what you mean when you say the article goes under the first one?

    And I’m seeing all your images in the correct size. Were you able to figure this out?



    strange, now i also see them next to eachother on the homepage. maybe it took some time :-)

    But can I make the thumbnailed pictures smaller and squares instead of the current size/rectangles?


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    Smaller won’t be possible, unfortunately, since the theme is set to show a minimum width of 735px. If you upload anything smaller it will get stretched and the image won’t look good.

    As for square, if you take the time to upload square images, then you can change the default shape of the featured images. But you will have to manually crop each image before uploading.

    Hope that helps.


    ok many thanks!

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