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    I followed the set-up instructions exactly, but cannot for the life of me figure out the following:

    1) Left widgets on home page – In the customize section, there is no option for left side bar widgets. I tried going in the dashboard section of wordpress and add widgets to the left sidebar there, but they don’t show up in the editor. Is there anywhere with thorough posted instructions on this?

    2) On the demo page, there are posts below the “About Me” section. All that shows up is the “About Me” section. How do I get posts below it? I have tried adding blog posts on both the “Home” and “About Me” pages, but nothing shows up in the editor.

    Thanks for the help, I’ve tried searching through the forum, but could not find anything helpful.

    The blog I need help with is oilspillaftermath.wordpress.com.


    That’s not the blog I need help with :/ I didn’t realize that link was there and I guess I can’t edit my original post (?) It’s the michellerunswild.com blog, but it hasn’t been launched since I’m having issues with the formatting.


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    1. You should be able to add and manage left sidebar widgets by going to Customize > Widgets > Left Sidebar. Are you saying that when you go to “Customize”, you don’t see a Widgets tab?

    2. You will first need to add a post category to the posts you want displayed on your homepage (ie: “featured”) Then, select that post category by going to Customize > Theme > Home News Category. Select the post category you want displayed by choosing from this dropdown menu (Home News Category).

    I hope this helps, let us know if you need further assistance.. thanks

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