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    Hi there,

    Is there a possibility to have a similar layout then the homepage ( with mosaic of pictures and text underneath each picture/square ) on other pages too ?

    Thanks in advance, Bram

    The blog I need help with is kaboomkaravan.com.


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    Hey Brian!

    Unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment, sorry!



    Ok, thanks
    I’m looking for a solution then.
    Is it possible to link a portfolio project page directly to a page tab ?
    So when you press the page tab, it displays the portfolio project directly and exactly the same ?
    I made a portfolio project (http://kaboomkaravan.com/portfolio/visual-music) and i like that layout, is it possible to link this directly to the page tab ( https://kaboomkaravan.com/visualmusic/ ). ? Thanks in advance ! Bram


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    Hey Bram – The only thing I can think is using a custom link menu item to the main menu for this, making a link using this setup:

    Not 100% sure that would work for you, but it might!



    Thanks ! The custom link menu is the solution indeed and works perfectly ! Two more questions about the portfolio shortcode :
    I made a page where different portfolio projects are displayed in a grid i like. But it :
    > shows all portfolio projects ( instead of only a certain type, i used the ‘include_type’ attributes to filter this, but it doesn’t seem to work. I used similar code on another page and there the filtering on type works perfectly )
    > doesn’t load more then 10 projects at once. it is possible to display more then 10 ( filtered ) projects at once without having to click the ‘load more’ button ?
    I’m an absolute newbie, so maybe i did something wrong with the shortcode? [portfolio display_types=false display_tags=false display_content=true include_type=Dance,Film,Theatre showposts=12]

    Thanks in advance ! Bram


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    Hey Bram – Can you let me know what page you are including this code on? I don’t think the plugin allows to increase the # of portfolio items within the .com platform, but I can test that out on my end!


    Hi there,
    Thanks for your help !
    This is the page ( where i’d like to have more then 10 items, and where i’d like to have filtering on type ):


    One more question ( last one, i promise ! ) :

    What I like about this page ( https://kaboomkaravan.com/visualmusic/ ) is that the images are layed out in a grid over the entire width of the screen. Is it possible to do something similar on other pages too ? I’d like to have a similar layout on this page f.e too : https://kaboomkaravan.com/media/
    Any ideas how to do this ? ( It’s strange that both pages are different cause they have very similar code) But on the ‘visual music’ page, the grid layout is nice, but the filtering on type isn’t working and on the ‘media’ page the filtering on type is working,
    but the images aren’t displayed in a grid over the entire screen width. Thanks for the help ! Bram


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    I’m not sure that WordPress.com has this feature, but if you check in the Settings -> Reading tab, there might be an option for # of portfolio posts per page. If that is an option within the platform you should be able to increase that there!
    For the Portfolio layout, this is the only template that is able to display in full-width, sorry! All other content and plugins are restricted to the max-content width that the theme is designed with.
    Sorry about that!

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