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    Hi Emily,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    I’d like to know if the following is possible and, if so, how:

    – Add a headline to the Featured posts section on the Home page (Featured section 1)
    – Make the text in featured sections 2 and ) on the Home page narrower (similar to the top section on your demo)
    – Add margins to the sides of the text in featured section 3 on the Home page
    – Align the text in featured section 4 on the Home page to the right instead of to the left

    Thank you again for all your help!


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author


    1. Have you added a page title for the page that is applied to the “Home Template Featured Page One” option? The page title should display above the featured posts if one has been added. Additionally, if you add content to that page, it will also display above the featured posts slideshow.

    2. I’m not entirely clear what you mean, but if you would like the font to appear thinner in those locations, try adding the following style:

    .home .wf-active h6 {
        font-weight: 300;

    3. Again, not entirely sure if this is the effect you are looking for, but try adding the following style:

    .homepage #content > .page-content .wp-block-jetpack-layout-grid-column {
        padding: 0 48px;

    You may have to adjust the “48” value in order to get the spacing you desire.

    4. You could try the following style:

    .homepage #content .page-banner:last-child {
        text-align: right;

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

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