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    Hello- great theme, I have a question about thumbnails.

    Most of our stories to date don’t have Featured Images… many have images but they’re not “featured” as I didn’t like the way FI was handled on old theme. And the captions are important.

    I’ve figured out how to hide thumbnails on the Home Page and use tags to only show thumbnails on those tagged posts…(and we can use FI much more going forward on new posts)

    … but how on post pages? eg https://blueskieschina.com/category/news/deals/

    The grey boxes are a bit off-putting… is there the same control over excerpt size etc on post pages.



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi James,

    thanks, we’re happy that you like the theme.

    You could hide these image placeholders with a line of CSS:

    .loop-thumb img[alt="No Picture"] { display: none; }

    Original poster

    Hi, thanks- does the job!
    is there any way to show pictures in a thumbnail, if they are in the post but not a featured image?


    No, you need to set featured images in order to make thumbnails appear on archives and in custom widgets.

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