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    Hi there

    I realise this query has already been posted, but I’ve followed the instructions but am having problems making it work.

    The previous post stated:

    To exclude a specific image from a gallery, please follow these steps:

    If you haven’t already, upload your gallery to WordPress;
    Navigate to Media → Library;
    Find the Featured image which you would like to hide from the gallery;
    Hover over this image, and click View;
    In your browser’s URL bar, you will see an image id, for example ‘id=684’;
    Copy this id number (In this example, it’s 684)
    Return to your gallery;
    Switch to the Text editor mode;
    Find the gallery shortcode: ‘[gallery]‘;
    Exclude the image id, like so: ‘[gallery exclude="684"]‘;
    Click Update.

    I having problems with step 5. No image id appears, what shows in my URL is:

    ‘archantcover’ is the name of the file. Do you know how I get the image id?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi there,

    To clarify, this ID number will appear at the top of your browser’s URL address bar.

    If you’re still having trouble locating your image ID, please let us know!

    Original poster

    Thanks Scott!

    I have actually found that some of my images have an ID number, some of them do not.

    So the end of the URL with id numbers ends e.g:

    Ones without:

    Do you know why this might be?


    Theme Author

    Hi again!

    The following link is an image attachment:

    This link, though, is a blog post:

    The ID of this post is 629. If you would like to find the ID of any other posts, please provide us with a link to the these posts, and we would be happy to help :)

    Let us know if you have any questions!

    Original poster

    Great! Thanks again Scott.


    Theme Author

    No problem! We’re happy to help :)

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