hero slide, image appear small even if 1600×440

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    hi there
    I think I followed all instruction to upload a personal image on the blog.
    created a post (private), uploading a picture 1600×400 (should I care about a particular dpi size? – I guess I was 200)
    assigned category “hero”
    the image appear in its place, but redemensioned very small.
    I did care to upload the image full size and everything should be right.
    I did noticed also that if I click on the image it appear alone, with regular size..
    where I m wrong?
    thanks sooomuch!

    The blog I need help with is: maxguzzo.com


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    I’ld recommend viewing the “How to setup the Hero Slides area?” via the theme documentation.

    In short, you set your background image by setting a featured image. Do not insert the image into the content area. More on all this in the documentation. Let me know if that helps.


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    hi, as 1st thank you so much for your answere, I did read that before but unfortunately I was not able to solve my problem.
    if you have the chance to check my blog now, http://www.maxguzzo.com you will see that the background image is ok, as I want it, my problem is with the image above, I would love to obtain an effect like http://ricochetband.com/ their upper image is cool, I would love to be able to obtain that effect.
    so, I did upload the image. I did follow all the instruction you sent me on “how to setup the Hero Slides area” everything looks being fine, but the image appear much smaller than it’s size.
    if u can help me find a clue solving this, that would be grateful! :)
    thanks again!


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    The Hero Slider background images can be 1600 x 440 px in max size. For more control over your background images and to fill the entire Hero Slider width, I recommend cropping your images to these dimensions or as close to as possible. The main focus here would be the 440px height.


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    I was just working on it, I finally dealed with it!
    thank u sooo much for support
    now, the only one thing I miss, is how to hide those posts who feature images.. I d love them to be not visible
    if I set them as private they disappear from the list and are no more featured..
    thnks so much, your theme rock!


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    I would recommend setting up the Hero Slider as described in the theme documentation, “How to setup the Hero Slides area?“.

    In short, create a new category called Hero Slides, place all “slides” in that category, and set the Hero Slider to user that category. More on this in the theme documentation.

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