Heading size wrong on mobile device with DailyMag theme

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    Our website is using the DailyMag theme. I love that it is a responsive theme with a clean layout.
    I am having an issue with the headings on my web pages.
    On the desktop view the headers appear the correct size with H1 being the largest, H2 slightly smaller, H3 smaller,….

    However, when viewing the same web pages on a mobile device, I noticed that a title using the H2 header is smaller than the H3 header. The H2 header appears the same size as the paragraph text. The mobile view should be the same as the
    desktop view.

    We are not using AMP for any of our pages.

    Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Original poster

    Using DailyMag theme

    Mobile devices show H3 header larger than H2 header.

    On desktop it displays correctly, but not on mobile devices.

    Please advise how to fix.

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