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    I created a custom widget in the header.php and can add text that shows on my page. But the text appears under the logo and I want it to appear to the right of the logo. My question is how do I align my widget so that it appears on the right side of the logo?

    The blog I need help with is medicareadvocates.com.


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    It looks like you are using a self-hosted version of the Prosperity theme. Could you please contact us @ https://themesharbor.com/contacts/ , since this forum is dedicated for users who host their site at WordPress.com.

    Also, it seems like you’ve made changes to the parent theme files which is not recommended (it’s recommended to use a child theme for heavy changes).

    Moreover, there is no need to make changes to the theme files to show a phone info in the header section. You can use a default theme functionality to achieve it. Please contact us via a contact form provided above, so I can provide you a solution.

    Thank you,

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