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    Dear Thomas,

    I need your help once again. Two issues:
    I ‘ve entered a header top menu.
    I need all the details I can reform with CSS code:

    Size of letters, centre the menu (align) if possible, the colour of menu letters, change the colour of each page’s letters when I put the mouse over (as it’s in the greek menu), change the colour of the background menu line, or anyother idea that you can propose. You are more than welcome!

    Is there a way in header bottom menu to “force” new pages to start in a second line? When I enter extra pages it continues the menu, but I want to enter those pages down from the first page, as a “second menu”.

    I hope that you can understand what I’m trying to describe you…

    Hope that you are doing fine with the covid situation!


    The blog I need help with is itsallgr2me.gr.


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    Hello Christos,

    Sorry for my late reply here.

    1) You can modify the styling of the Header Top navigation menu with this CSS snippet:

    .top-navigation-menu a {
        font-size: 15px;
        padding: 0.8em;
    .top-navigation-menu a:link,
    .top-navigation-menu a:visited {
        color: #303030;
    .top-navigation-menu a:hover,
    .top-navigation-menu a:active,
    .top-navigation-menu a:hover::after {
        color: #999;

    2) I’m sorry but there is no way to break the navigation menu into two lines. It automatically adapts based on the screen size.




    Thank you for the answers.
    Two quick questions about the bottom menu bar:

    (1) why does the sub-menu inside “Υπηρεσίες” is horizontal and in “Services” is vertical?

    (2) how do you deactive the link of those main pages? I mean I want to be clicked only the sub-menu items.

    Thank you!!


    Theme Author

    Hi again,

    1) I’m very sorry but I do not understand what you mean. Can you describe your issue in detail? It seems that you have adjusted the CSS of the menu a little bit and added icons, so there might be some side effects. For example, the mobile menu seems kind of broken now.

    2) You can create Individual Menu links instead of adding pages to your navigation menu. Then, insert a simple #-symbol instead of https // links and the menu item won’t be a link.




    Thank you for you reply, Thomas!
    I’ve decided to fix it in another way… No worries.

    :-) :-)



    Theme Author

    Glad to hear that :)

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