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  • I’m just getting started with my blog and would like to be able to create a tag line that looks distinct from my header in the Bridger theme. Is it possible to make the header font larger than the tag line font? I’d also like to use a combination of caps & small letters – is this possible? Right now, no matter what I try, the tag line looks like it’s part of the header. Please advise. Thank you!!!!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there! Yes this is possible, but it would require the Custom Design upgrade. If you have the upgrade, I may be able to help you out with some CSS snippets to do what you’re looking for.

  • Great! Thanks, Luke. I’ll get it today and be in touch. Much appreciated. Love the Bridger Theme!

  • Awesome, let me know when you’re ready.

  • Hi Luke,

    Just getting into this now and a couple of questions. I’m trying to set up my homepage to look like this one in your sample:http://bridgerdemo.wordpress.com/

    When I look at my latest post here in my customization window, the text looks great – centered in the photo.

    But when I view it in “smartphone” mode, the text is misaligned. It is also not displaying right on my blog: inwordsandupwards.com

    Can you please tell me how to correct this so that the text appears centered in all formats? Thanks.

    Also wondering how to use different colors in the site title as you did with the green “WORDPRESS” here:

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Hi Luke,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to try another theme for now and save Bridger for my 2.0 site. I’m sure you’re busy, so don’t worry about trying to get all my questions answered now.



  • Hi April,

    I’ll answer your questions here so when/if you do get the chance to use Bridger in the future, you’ll have the answers. Also, other users may ask themselves the same questions in the future, so the answers could help someone else, too.

    I’ll have to look into the text alignment on mobile devices. Without being able to see your site using the theme to test, it may be tough to replicate. Which layout view were you using (I’m guessing “Grid”). Any more details on how to replicate the issue or what exactly wasn’t displaying correctly would be helpful.

    As for the Site Title, you can add the Title, a Description, and a Subtitle via Appearance → Customize → Site Title. The theme will color the site description green; the theme demo has WordPress as its description.

  • Thanks, Luke. Apologies – I didn’t screen shot before changing themes, but the issue was that the first line of text (date) was appearing half on/half off the bottom of the image and the title was below the image – instead of everything in the middle of the image. I tried all three layout views to eliminate the issue, but it appeared like that with each one for mobile viewing. I hope that helps.

    Thanks again,

  • Thanks for the update! If you don’t mind, would you be able to tell me if you’re experiencing the same issue on the theme demo’s site?


  • When I click on the demo site, it says here http://bridgerdemo.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/responsive-design/ that the site has responsive design, but I don’t actually see anything I can click to show me the different views the way I can on my customize page.

  • Hmm, I guess I’m not following what the issue is. When viewing the theme demo on a mobile devices, it should look similar to what is displayed in the phone mockup displayed on the page you linked to.

    It may be that you have the WordPress.com mobile theme option set to “Yes” in Appearance → Mobile? If so, this will not use the theme’s responsive design, but actually use a different theme altogether when viewing the site on mobile devices.

  • Hi Luke – sorry, I’m not sure if I had the theme option set to mobile – that would only be the case if it was the default setting as I know I didn’t change it. I’m not using the theme at the moment, so I can no longer check, but the main issue was that the text was not aligning properly across the viewing modes. When I set up my homepage on my laptop screen it looked great, but the text was misaligned on my phone.

    Thanks again for your help.

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