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    Please has anybody used this theme with a separate home page showing their blog title, tagline and custom header image only…
    I have tried to add a home page in order to keep my title page separate from my blog summary but it hasn’t worked.
    Either the theme does not support it, or I am missing something obvious. The demo does only show the title page straight on top of the first visible post, so the former may be true ?
    Thanks in advance of you help

    The blog I need help with is: ionicphotography.wordpress.com


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    Hi Amanda,

    I didn’t notice this thread so I apologize for late reply. This theme works just as any blog theme. All the posts show up in the homepage as the demo shows.

    How are you trying to show title, tagline and just header image? Perhaps, you can try a static homepage and hide the content via css of that page.


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