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    I’m having a little trouble with the header image on on the Carmack Theme. I have cropped the image to the suggested size however it wont display properly on a desktop as in it wont go to the full width of the screen. When viewing from a mobile device or tablet the sizing seems to work fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,



    The blog I need help with is bikeparkwalesrentalsale.com.


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    Hi There – I’m afraid I can’t see your site as it’s marked as private. Are you able to make it public so I can see the issue for myself?

    Without seeing it my guess is that your computer resolution is set higher than the max size for the header image. The header image size is set quite high so it should fill the space for 95% of visitors.



    Sorry i had forgotten i had locked the site, it is now public if you could take a look that would be great.


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    Hi – I have tweaked the theme so that the header image is centered now, that should improve things a bit.

    For me – the header stretches full width – so it looks just fine.

    Could you let me know what dimensions your browser is? Also what browser are you suing? And have you zoomed your browser at all?

    You can get your browser and resolution here: https://prothemedesign.com/tools/support-details/

    You can reset your browser zoom with ctrl and 0 (on windows), or cmd and 0 (on mac).

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